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    Talking about it with your kids might not deter them from having sex, but it might forestall a lot of headaches and irredeemable situations. But how many parents would like to attend this type of class? Communication is the key to any relationship, and in order to have a better relationship and trust, parents need to speak to their children about sex before anyone else does. Sex is the universal act that triggers a common feeling amongst people, whether in the Bandundu region of Congo or in metropolitan cities like London. We need to re-evaluate the way we address this issue of sex in the younger generation because, among other things, the world as it stands gives us easy access to so many things.

    African adult sex movies

    Sex was the unspoken taboo that nobody dared to mention, so watching it was a silent abomination. Many will die waiting. The absence of age certificates on some Prime Video films can be explained by third-party suppliers neglecting to include BBFC ratings in their digital submissions, according to an Amazon spokesperson. We need to re-evaluate the way we address this issue of sex in the younger generation because, among other things, the world as it stands gives us easy access to so many things. At the time, I blamed the girls for their stupidity but later, as a grown-up, I blamed the parents for failing to educate their daughters. And who is to blame? A photograph of two teenagers kissing that was posted on Facebook caused a scandal in Morocco after the teenagers responsible were arrested. Communication Last summer, I was in Kinshasa, Congo, for the first time and was shocked at the extent of the Western influence. Sex education However it did and it does exist. Cultural survival and continuity can still exist if we educate our kids in line with the society we live in. Fornication is wrong and we should be ashamed of it. How do we learn without being taught? Virgins Prevention is better than intervention but refusing to speak to your children about sex will not prevent them from having sex. Amazon Netflix, which recently cut ties with House of Cards star Kevin Spacey amid allegations of sexual assault and harassment, seems to have lost the plot in another area: However, I believe parents need to ask themselves, are we really preserving cultural identity by keeping quiet about sex before marriage? Netflix users can also view all of its content unless parental controls are enabled, while Prime Video hides adult content during searches and requires a click to display it. We are a sexually charged generation, in a society where sex is at the forefront of everything that sells. Imagine how a sheltered year-old girl who attends a youth group at church must feel if she falls pregnant? As second generation Congolese children growing up in the UK, many of us adopt this culture of silence with our parents. However, when Nollywood went Hollywood, I ceased watching movies with my parents. Further examples include Eungyo, which features a lengthy scene where an elderly man spies on a year-old having graphic sex; After Porn Ends, a documentary that includes several clips from pornographic films; and The Concubine, which follows a young woman forced into sexual bondage and includes three graphic sex scenes. The best time for our parents, it seems, is no time at all. If we were to break the silence and speak out, it would almost be like disrupting the harmony of the nest: So what is it about our parents that they choose to ignore this important part of our lives? Did they choose to ignore this aspect of life or were they simply hopeful that we would wait until marriage? Meanwhile, many choose to believe their godly sons and daughters, who attend church every Sunday and Wednesday and youth groups on Fridays, are still virgins.

    African adult sex movies

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