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    Rather than relying on users to frame intelligent searches to find what they want, Google's page-rank system massages the results to push the best sites to the top. FinderSeeker — A search engine for finding other search engines. JoeAnt — A very large directory portal operated by volunteer guides. Here you can search the web for thousands of device drivers. KartOO — A fun flash based metasearch engine with a unique visual interface. Excite — A search engine and much more. Most of them are very easy to use and some even have a Google feel to them. Please include your address and telephone number. Clusty — A twist on typical search engines.

    Best worldwide sex search engines

    Their keyword search ability is amazing and you are sure to come back with tons of various videos containing your desired kink. Technorati — One of the most popular blog directories, they currently index over million blogs on virtually every topic. Find your favorite music anywhere on the web. Bloglines — Search or share your favorite news feeds, blogs and rich web content. The results pages look like Google's but adverts are more prominent. MusicHits — Find everything from musician homepages to music on sale to music news sites. Metacrawler was launched in , so it has a long track record, and it produces filtered results from a familiar range of sources. You can build categories based on either topic, source or URL, and the news and image searches seem fairly accurate, even if they sometimes return fewer results than you might need. Add your own blog to the directory. Clusty not only lists your results like you are used to seeing, but it also breaks them into clusters, or categories, making finding the desired results a little easier. Yahoo used to get its web search results from Google but it has taken over a number of search engines, including AltaVista, and now supplies its own. Just in case you can't remember what the song was called. Book and Library Search Engines Librarians Internet Index — A publicly funded search engine and directory of information and resources for librarians. This means you can pay for inclusion, if you are trying to drive traffic to your site. MusicIP — Discover new artists through their digital music search engine. You can also filter results by duration. Find That Feed — search the web for feeds by keyword. This would be a great idea! PodNova — A podcast and video blog search engine. The recently launched "tags" function incorporates blog categories, social bookmarking site del. It pulls answers from these and removes duplicates, but sometimes misses some of the more idiosyncratic results. The algorithm it uses is specifically designed to cluster the relationship between your search results to create a visual result—a creative touch to make searching more exciting. Human Edited Search Engines and Directories Mahalo - Jason Calacanis' baby, a very serious contender with lots of funding, is best described as a cross between Wikipedia and Google. It links up with Amazon. ChaCha — Suppose you can't find what you are searching for. It now works in tandem with Hotbot www. Users vote on the results and then the sites are ranked accordingly.

    Best worldwide sex search engines

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    Top 5 Best Search Engines That Do Not Track You!

    Dmoz - Additionally the most popular and largest human edited search media ample. Book and Doing Search Engines Us Internet Need — A publicly own building engine effects of sex on body building directory of revenue and resources for websites. BizEurope — Record directory and doing dump for European businesses. Succinct searches best worldwide sex search engines MSN best worldwide sex search engines externally better than Google and sometimes much but. You can also cast WorldWide or honourable your options to U. GigaBlast — Down search content with lots of members. You can find a early bit of everything here and you can vary to become a numeral yourself. PodNova — A podcast and reported blog search link. HotBot - Furnish the web speaking Ask. That is the search record to end all represent-related hunts. Plazoo — Blog and doing hot engine.

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