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    Given the maternal deprivation in childhood, her erotic fixation on diapers parallels the emotional attachment to diapers observed by Harlow in mother deprived infant monkeys. To this day, I have never mentally undressed anyone or even fantasized of having sex with anyone, whether they be man, woman, child or beast. Her childhood included maternal deprivation in an impecunious family headed by an irritable physically disabled father on social assistance. In this context, our patient attempted suicide by readying herself to jump from a high rise building, i. Love in infant monkeys. Malitz 1 examined a college student caught by the police while breaking into the home of a local family, due to a compulsive urge to find diapers to wear for erotic purpose and who was subsequently referred to psychiatric services. My needs were met and I was satisfied. After concluding that I was being instructed by an inner voice, I thought about where I could find a diaper. I still wear diapers today, but I am not ashamed.

    Diapered sex

    Psychiatric patients are especially vulnerable to such iatrogenic interventions. Presumably numerous other more cautious persons, perhaps particularly women, skillfully find socially acceptable excuses of wearing diapers for non-medical reasons. Stages of treatment in the case of a diaper-wearing year-old male. She mentioned being anorgasmic except when diapered and emphasized her erotic preference for diapers. This was an anonymous internet survey. She explained that her erotic preference consists in wearing diapers and that she is anorgasmic except while diapered. And because I had no guilt from perversion or other mischievous deeds, I was able to focus intensely on our spiritual needs as well. He took advantage of her financially and physically, was abusive, and ultimately broke up with her. The change I sensed was taking effect. I happened to glance at the sky through the trees when I was temporarily transported beyond time and space in my mind. Our patient left her parental home in her late teens to live with an idle boyfriend. Conclusions The value of our case study lies in providing a psychological background based on personality tests. Diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders. She said she hated herself. I feel as though I have discovered the key to my spiritual door within. For example, a group of adolescent females may agree to wear diapers as a prank in a bridal party, or in a college graduation party, and some of them even post their related video recordings of this on internet sites. Love in infant monkeys. In this context, our patient attempted suicide by readying herself to jump from a high rise building, i. Pavlovian conditioning 13 has probably also been involved by endowing diapers with an erotic value. Against my better judgment, I went to the baby-sitters and stole some diapers to try out. I did not succeed. I am thankful to this day that I was never physically approached by a pervert in my life, because I feel I easily could have been misled. Once again, diapers were my saving grace. Fetishistic preferences of clients as ranked by a sex worker. She lacked the courage and self-esteem, at the time, to request a modification of his coital routines to help her reach erotic arousal. Inwardly, I also knew that when the time was right, I would be given an unmistakable sign. Report Story My fourth grade teacher, Mr.

    Diapered sex

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    Diaper Fetishes and Sex Crimes

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      The Freudian label of repetition compulsion 14 might also be evoked by some analysts for a fixation on diapers, however, it is usually applied to cases in which the obsessive repetition is dysphoric, more ego-dystonic, and less eroticized.

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      When I was ten, I was sitting in the privacy of my own fort I had built in the backyard. Against my better judgment, I went to the baby-sitters and stole some diapers to try out.

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