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    All sacred knowledge and thought systems contain concepts of male and female aspects joined in this creative dance. Rituals using plant magic were an everyday occurrence, along with a deep core of spirituality. Before making their concoctions, the Druids made sure they knew the specific qualities and energies of the plants required, even the parts of the plants used were quite significant. Trees, plants and flowers were very important to the Druids. Techniques mingle sex and visualisation.

    Druidic sex magicks ancient

    A protective Circle is drawn, or cast, for the ritual to be conducted within, this is the responsibility of the priest or priestess, this way the individual is protected from any untoward or negative energies. The Great Rite is basically sex in ritual. Their calendar year followed the lunar and solar cycles, their main holidays were imbolc the first sign of spring , Beltane the fullness of life after spring , Lughnasadh celebrating the ripening of first fruits and the deity Lugh, and Samhain recognising the end of harvest and the thinning of the veil between the world of the dead and the living. It smelled damp and unwholesome. Sometimes things are more sinister for not being pinned down too closely. Plant extracts and compounds, derived from trees and flowers were used by the Druids, they made magical potions elixirs and remedies. Caesar documented the Druid lifestyle in Gaul, and practices, when he invaded Britain in 55 B. They were avid readers of omens, they also had ritual sacrifices, their traditional wisdom was concerned with philosophy, theology and natural phenomena. Modern witchraft includes the idea of ritual sex, literal or symbolic bringing together the energies of the god and the goddess. Hills, lakes, streams and plants were also important, mistletoe and holly were especially important. Duotheistic believing in the existence of two deities. It seems like a recipe for insanity to me. There are Druids organisations all over the world each embracing aspects of ancient Druidism, they perform rituals and bow to Nature. Stonehenge dates back to B. This kind of knowledge so shrouded in secrecy, gives a conspiracy theory element to its grand reveal. Through careful preparation they conjured magic, especially sex magic using these compounds. Special gatherings took place in sanctified places, this is where different communities came together and feasted. What better moment to make magic? There was a hierarchy within Druidism, certain colour robes were worn, this depicted which class the Druid belonged to. The Sex Priest and Priestess of ancient times, from the Egyptian order of the Isis linage who engaged in sacred sex were signified by wearing a snake amulet. The all-powerful Merlin was an enlightened Druidic teacher, he believed knowledge should be acquired for its power, and this in turn would help dissipate ignorance and superstition. The Druids were mystical and powerful beings who drew on the powers of the Universe and the natural elements. The erotic content is a focus for a spell, or the means of raising energy for some other action. There are several books, classes and workshops available globally where you can assess and satisfy the sexual wealth of rituals and visualizations developed specifically for students and lovers. The Druids are peaceful people, with a love of nature, they practice magic and take on apprentices to whom they pass their valuable knowledge.

    Druidic sex magicks ancient

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