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    He also learned from prosecutors that he has been indicted by a Cabell County grand jury. Brandon Isom, 25, of Huntington, was arrested in February by W. This is Isom's second time not registering as a sex offender. State Police after they got a tip he wasn't following the rules. Troopers said a verification stop sparked new charges for Brandon Isom of Huntington:

    Huntington in sex offenders

    There are registered sex offenders on file with the Huntington Beach police department. California's Megan's Law provides the public with certain information on the whereabouts of sex offenders so that members of our communities may protect themselves and their children. We're told if the records prove he'd just moved in the last 10 days, the address is a non-issue. Investigators believe it was intentional. Isom's Facebook page lists him as a student at Marshall. Police said Isom told them he'd just moved. State troopers said he'd been using them to exchange nude photos. According to police reports, he used a fake name. State Police said they got a tip he was not following the rules, which included not registering as a lifetime sex offender. Prior to sentencing, Isom told the court he wanted to change and live a productive life. Troopers say more charges may be pending. They said he specifically made a Facebook account with a fake name to avoid being monitored. In the wake of the tragedy, the Kankas sought to have local communities warned about sex offenders in the area. Troopers said a verification stop sparked new charges for Brandon Isom of Huntington: Troopers said Isom was using several social media accounts and apps without registering them. For more information refer to the website at: Now, they said they've confiscated his phone as part of an investigation he'd violated his conditions. Not every registered sex offender will appear on this Internet web site. Another big shocker in this story is what Marshall University officials told us about their open door policy when it comes to sex offenders. He served about nine months in prison and about a month on home confinement. He's now facing four charges for not registering all his accounts, including Kik, Instagram, Facebook and Skype. Both of these numbers can change daily as sex offenders move in and out of the city. Ison remains in the Western Regional Jail. Brandon Isom, 25, of Huntington, was arrested in February by W. Investigators said sex offenders are allowed a day grace period to update their information in the event of a move. His last known address, according to the sex offender registry, was in the Twin Towers at Marshall University.

    Huntington in sex offenders

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      Judge Paul Farrell didn't agree with probation. Troopers are working to figure out more about the boyfriend.

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      Prosecutors say Isom was using several social media accounts without registering them and he created a Facebook account with a fake name to avoid being monitored. Isom now faces four counts of failing to register as a lifetime offender, his second offense.

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