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    You will use an alias and will never have to give personal information about yourself to any caller. Wait a while after the first call ends. We are happy to help! The process itself wasn't terribly hard. Some of them will flat out disgust you! It became too comfortable. You will need a very open mind and be a very good actress to succeed at this job because just about anything goes. Shortly after registration, Jessica starts to receive friend requests and messages from customers that have viewed her profile and wish to arrange private phone sex sessions.

    Legitement sex phone jobs

    So you want in? I had read too far or just far enough into one of the local rags and the phone sex ads caught my eye. In the past before SINCats. The problem is that every phone sex website works in the same way. This means that you set your own hours and receive payment directly from the customers. She told me that she loves it and makes great money. Cancel 0 Are you broke, paying for school and living off of jars of peanut butter from Ralphs? You can also check out our Blog , Forum and Wiki. In two weeks Jessica starts to receive items that customers have purchased from her wish list. However, if you are looking for an easy way to make money at home and you aren't shy about talking dirty then maybe a work at home phone actress job is for you. How to get returning clients A major part of the phone sex business is returning clients. You have to register, send in a photo id, fill out a W2 tax form and then setup your account and start taking calls. You can also do search on Google and quite a few sites will come up that hire phone actresses. But this can be just about whenever you want. Did they mention you HAVE to be 18? Stay away from any company that makes you pay to get the job or puts charges on your phone bill. Can you simulate masturbation or actually masturbate, many times, per day? Many of the people I talked to just wanted someone to listen and to feel wanted, or wanted to hash out a fight with their girlfriend. You just have to play it by ear and figure out when your good weeks are going to be. This has caused a great deal of frustration as you can probably imagine. This is a very discreet and awesome way to charge for your services because it offers you the ability to add any item to your wish list and gives the customer the security of knowing that he is paying Amazon and not some phone sex website. At the beginning of every call I took, the operator would give me a code. You keep going from there. Her husband knows what she does for a living and he is quite okay with it. There are a lot of independent phone sex operators that receive gifts in the mail every day from customers ordering item from their wish list. I try to be honest to a point, explain who I am to a point, but not reveal anything more. You will need a very open mind and be a very good actress to succeed at this job because just about anything goes.

    Legitement sex phone jobs

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