• Secondary sex characteristics in drosophilia


    Although the Y chromosome is entirely heterochromatic , it contains at least 16 genes, many of which are thought to have male-related functions. Sex comb size in D. The eggs, which are about 0. It is now recognized that in animals with a polyandrous mating system wherein females mate with 2 or more males during a reproductive episode , sexual selection has the potential to occur postintromission or postspawing and that the resultant competitive interactions among overlapping ejaculates may be a powerful engine driving the evolution of a wide variety of interacting adaptations observable at the genetic, biochemical, and morphological levels Birkhead and Pizzari ; Panhuis et al. A recent field study on D. Calculation and analysis of P2 P2, the proportion of offspring sired by the second male to mate, was calculated as the number of eggs that hatched divided by the total number of eggs deposited by a given female Boorman and Parker ; Simmons

    Secondary sex characteristics in drosophilia

    Males were mated to females when they were 3—7 days old; males from the different lines used on any given day were the same age. For polygamous flies, their reproductive success increases by having offspring with multiple partners, and therefore they spend more time and energy on courting multiple females. The numbers of teeth in sex comb segments 1 and 2 on each tarsus were counted under an Olympus SZX12 stereomicroscope against a white background; tooth counts are highly repeatable Polak et al. Thorax length, as an estimate of body size, was measured using an ocular micrometer. Second matings The second males to mate came from the 8 genetic test lines 4 small comb and 4 large comb lines. Antagonism between these processes may occur because of underlying physiological trade-offs among different male reproductive traits Simmons and Emlen ; Demary and Lewis or as a result of sexual conflict Arnqvist and Rowe This same procedure was followed to produce the next 2 generations of progeny. This behavior is sensitive to environmental conditions, and females copulate less in bad weather conditions. Polygamy[ edit ] Both male and female D. Finally, the male curls its abdomen and attempts copulation. These changes include increased selectivity for courting only intraspecifically, as well as decreased courtship times. They started off experiments using milk bottles to rear the fruit flies and handheld lenses for observing their traits. In flour beetles Tribolium castaneum , for example, males that are more attractive in precopulatory sexual selection because of long-range olfactory attractiveness to females also enjoy higher paternity share Lewis and Austad and see Hosken et al. That is, with sexual experience, these flies tend to modify their future mating behavior in multiple ways. Continuous variables were comb size of males 1 and 2, thorax length of males 1 and 2, copulation duration of males 1 and 2, pre-P2 eggs, and the interaction between comb size of males 1 and 2. Finally, after the 13th division, cell membranes slowly invaginate, dividing the syncytium into individual somatic cells. At metamorphosis, the larva forms a pupa , inside which the larval tissues are reabsorbed and the imaginal tissues undergo extensive morphogenetic movements to form adult structures. Flies were allowed to oviposit for 24 h and discarded. Here we test the hypothesis that sex comb size is under postcopulatory sexual selection in this Taiwanese population. Sex determination[ edit ] Drosophila flies have both X and Y chromosomes, as well as autosomes. The lenses were later replaced by microscopes, which enhanced their observations. Beginning and end times of all copulations were recorded, and the latency time elapsed from the introduction of the female to the onset of copulation and copulation duration were ascertained for all copulations. Hatch rate was zero for all females fertilized by males exposed to Gy. Either mechanism can produce pronounced variation in paternity among males, which may or may not correlate with precopulatory mating success Birkhead and Pizzari Such synergism may arise if enhanced expression of an ornamental trait reveals underlying genetic quality Johnstone , which could then translate to superior resource acquisition ability and thus ejaculate quality Rowe and Houle ; Tomkins et al. The source of females for both blocks was the general, mass-cultured base population from which the test lines had been extracted. In the figure to the left, the forming oocyte can be seen to be covered by follicular support cells.

    Secondary sex characteristics in drosophilia

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    Eric Hamilton (Washington U.): Pollen’s pressure problem: Relieving sexual tension through evolution

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