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    Upper East Side Episode New Yorkers love Tiffany for its silver as well as for its sparklers. Monkey Bar — 60 East 54th Street Summary: Although he saves her job, she decides to work solely with Enid after Julian tries to hit on her in the Vogue accessories closet. While sitting on the patio, Miranda asks Steve to marry her. After the Russian surprises her with a hot pink dress and a date at the Met, Carrie feels overwhelmed and faints in the street.

    Sex and the city restaurants new york

    Carrie gets an invitation to the opening and finds out that Aidan and Steve are business partners. Miranda, sitting at the bar alone, argues with her over the phone, sparking a conversation with the bartender, Steve. Miranda tries out speed-dating at this bar but soon realizes that being a lawyer is much less appealing than being a stewardess. Monkey Bar was also featured on an episode of Mad Men. Tekserve — West 23rd Street Summary: Staten Island Ferry Summary: Big breaks the news to Carrie: Pier 40, on West Street Buddakan. After meeting Russian artist Aleksandr Petrovsky at a gallery, Carrie is invited to a late dinner with him at this NY restaurant. Big is noticeably shaken when musician Ray asks for her phone number and a short romance begins between them. Greenwich Avenue between Sixth Avenue and W. Mark's Comics — 11 St. Her attempt at being friends goes terribly sour when he tells her that he and Natasha are engaged. She has an emotional moment with Aidan outside before joining the girls for pictures on the steps. Charlotte and Trey do some serious ring-shopping at this classic jeweler. When Carrie's laptop powers off permanently and friends insist that she should have been backing up her work, she and Aidan bring her pashmina-wrapped computer to this electronics store where she learns she has to just "breathe, and reboot". Carrie has a memorable first date with the mysterious artist Aleksandr Petrovsky at this classic Russian restaurant. Manolo Blahniks, famed for sky-high stilettos and prices. Times Square Episode Carrie dates Sean, a twenty-something who has a history as a switch-hitter. After the Russian surprises her with a hot pink dress and a date at the Met, Carrie feels overwhelmed and faints in the street. Stanhope Hotel — Fifth Avenue Summary: Reopened in after a massive renovation, the historic Plaza is now part-hotel, part-condo, and all luxury. Bring on the blini and caviar! Set right on Central Park Lake, the Boathouse is a romantic place for brunch or dinner; an authentic Venetian gondola sometimes glides by. At this branch of TSNY, students swing over the Hudson River— and locals love watching them from a waterfront promenade.

    Sex and the city restaurants new york

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