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    Dosage compensation, X chromosome, aneuploidy, sex chromosome evolution, sex differences Introduction The adaptive advantages of recombination favor sexual reproduction [ 1 ], which is often accompanied by differentiation of sex chromosomes. Finally, a narrower definition of dosage compensation has been proposed as representing evolutionary adaptive changes in expression of ancestral autosomal genes that evolved into sex-linked genes [ 10 ]. Instead, male birds appear to selectively silence only a few genes along one of their Z chromosomes, rather than randomly silencing one entire Z chromosome. While the expression of many genes varies in direct proportion to their dose, expression of some genes is compensated, presumably to reduce deleterious dosage imbalance [ 9 , 49 , 50 ]. Meyer in the s, and its individual components and their cooperative function were later parsed out by her lab. Because data substantiates the theory that dosage compensation in other species is caused by chromatin-wide modifications, many theorize that the DCC in particular functions similar to the condensin complex in its ability to condense or remodel the chromatin of the X chromosome. Platypuses are a monotreme species whose mechanism of sex determination has been extensively studied. Often, aneuploidy causes abnormal levels of gene expression throughout the entire genome.

    Sex determination dosage compensation

    This may have been helped by a gradual spread of regions with reduced recombination [ 15 ]. The human Y is rich in palindromic duplicated sequences that may help retention of specific Y-linked genes important in male fertility, but also facilitate deletions and gene loss [ 18 ]. Other vertebrates such as reptiles rely on temperature-sensitive systems for sex determination. Distribution of ring-X chromosomes in the blastoderm of gynandromorphic D. In mouse, Zfy have acquired a testis-specific function, while the ubiquitously expressed Zfx is subject to X inactivation [ 37 — 39 ]. Monotremes[ edit ] Platypus, a type of monotreme Monotremes are a class of basal mammals that also lay eggs. Thus, most information comes from spontaneously occurring copy-number changes in human. Detailed sequence analyses led to the definition of six evolutionary strata on the X chromosome, each containing genes that diverged from their Y paralogs for a similar length of time [ 13 ]. Additionally, in plant species that lack dimorphic sex chromosomes, dosage compensation can occur when aberrant meiotic events or mutations result in either aneuploidy or polyploidy. Two major aims of sex chromosome dosage compensation have been identified: These genes usually escape X inactivation in females and thus are bi-allelically expressed in both sexes [ 34 — 36 ]. Duplications are generally better tolerated than deletions. However, even trisomy for the smallest human chromosome, trisomy 21, causes widespread gene dysregulation [ 45 ]. Research from the laboratory of Jennifer Graves used qPCR and SNP analysis of BACs containing various genes from X chromosomes in order to find whether multiple alleles for particular X-linked genes were being expressed at once, or were otherwise being dosage compensated. Of special interest is the accumulation of brain expressed genes on the X chromosome, possibly a by-product of sexual reproduction [ 27 — 29 ]. Then, in Susumu Ohno proved that these satellite-like structures found exclusively in female cells were actually derived from female X chromosomes. These findings suggest that platypuses may employ a hybrid form of dosage compensation that combines feature from mammals as well as birds. Their studies showed equal levels of [3H]uridine incorporation in the single male X chromosome and the two female X chromosomes. However, about half of all X-linked genes also seemed to stochastically express only one active copy of said gene, [45] alluding to the system of random X-inactivation observed in humans. Surprisingly, several modes of dosage compensation have evolved. Once the sex chromosomes cease recombining they acquire a different size and gene content, and a natural type of aneuploidy appears in the heterogametic sex. By comparing multiple cell lines it is evident that even for the same deletion compensatory responses may differ [ 52 ]. The specialized gene content of the sex chromosomes results in phenotypic sex differences manifested in health and disease susceptibility. Dosage regulation of the sex chromosomes can be viewed as either global, i. However, as is the case with the previously discussed mechanisms of dosage compensation, failure to express X-linked genes appropriately can still be lethal. Lyon began investigating manipulations of X-linked traits that had phenotypically visible consequences, particularly in mice, whose fur color is a trait intimately linked to the X chromosome.

    Sex determination dosage compensation

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    Evolution of Dosage compensation

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      Often, aneuploidy causes abnormal levels of gene expression throughout the entire genome. This mechanism is observed in Drosophila.

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      Alternatively, birds might show decreased transcription of the two Z chromosomes present in the male heterogametic sex, similar to the system observed in the two male X chromosomes of Drosophila. Aneuploidy causes significant phenotypic abnormalities and loss of fitness [ 42 ].

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      Thus it is likely that these CpG islands are locations where genes on the male Z chromosome are methylated and silenced, but which stay functional on the female Z chromosome. Muller introduced a mutant gene that caused loss of pigmentation in fly eyes, and subsequently noted that males with only one copy of the mutant gene had similar pigmentation to females with two copies of the mutant gene.

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      In these two model organisms, sex is determined by the number of X chromosomes per diploid genome rather than by a Y-linked gene as in mammals.

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