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    Riska E Towards gender balance: Female doctors perceived that they received less respect or help than did their male colleagues. In this vignette same sex, rather than opposite sex interactions may have been somewhat more cooperative. These paradoxical behaviours will confuse female phy- sicians if they view themselves as doctors first, rather than as women, and expect nurses to interact with all physi- cians equally. When nurses and doc- tors are female the traditional power imbalance between the two diminishes.

    Sex doctors and nurses

    The nurses' ages ranged from 21 to 63 years. This vignette, however was the only one of the four requiring a nurse to initiate, rather than respond to an action. Our findings suggest, however, that the proc- ess of, and feelings around nurse physician interactions are informed by gender stereotypes. Kids must be protected. Responses from men were excluded, leaving sur- veys for inclusion 95 surveys of form 1 and 93 of form 2. When doctors and nurses are both female, elimination of the power differential of gender diminishes nurses' per- ceptions of professional power inequalities. In Wales, the youngest victim was four, and Welsh police also investigated claims that a boy aged five had sexual activity with a girl of the same age. I was plunged into a world where common sense withered and died. Scenarios were otherwise identical and described common hospital activities. Riska E Towards gender balance: The statistics include a five-year-old girl accused of sexual assault on a boy under 13 and a five-year-old boy said to have engaged in sexual activity involving a girl also under Persistent sex-role stereotypes influenced the relationship between female nurses and physicians. A self selected population of nurses working in an urban, university based hospital was asked to complete one of two forms of a three page questionnaire in Jan. There was, however, a consistent and contrary trend to that observed in the other scenarios. The analysis com- pared the responses to each question based on the sex of the physician in the particular vignette ie responses to form 1 and form 2 of the questionnaire. Even when a patient's consent is given, this alone will not be enough to justify a sexual relationship being pursued by a doctor or nurse, says a report today in Nursing Standard. At first this would seem contrary to the preceding findings. Both male and female physicians thought the relationship was influ- enced by the doctor's gender. Fe- male nurses expected physicians of either sex, to dispose of the needles In a society where, as police admitted this week, there are too many paedophiles to keep tabs on, it would be naive to ignore signs that predatory sexual behaviour i s starting earlier. Registered nurses were invited to complete the questionnaire. His daughter, he told the Head coldly, had been born in France where six-year-olds and every other age group come to that are encouraged to kiss and cuddle. This is an Open Access article: New guidance will formally set out the sexual boundaries between doctors, nurses and patients for the first time - following a string of sex abuse scandals. As with any study in which participants are self-selected rather than randomly surveyed, selection bias is possible. The effects of this change on the authority of the medical profession, the role of nurses, and on patient care merit further exploration.

    Sex doctors and nurses

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