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    We don't think of them as having sexual needs or desires," McLaughlin says. She's 22 now, but when she was 18, her boyfriend was several years older. They probably don't drive or have cars. People with intellectual disabilities are vulnerable to problems from rape to unwanted pregnancy. That came out of the eugenics movement, which put faith in IQ tests as proof of the genetic superiority of white, upper-class Americans. Or if they did, it was the simplistic warnings, like the kind given to young children. He notes early 20th century laws that required the sterilization of people with intellectual disabilities. There's a range of disability here.

    Sex education mentally challenged

    You can look at some of the men and women — maybe someone with Down syndrome — and see they have a disability. They live at home with their parents or in a group home, where there's not a lot of privacy. But in her past, she has experienced repeated sexual abuse. Still, says McLaughlin, parents often are reluctant to talk to their children with intellectual disabilities about sex. The next year, when she was 15, she was sexually assaulted — this time by a boy at her school. For women without disabilities, the person who assaults them is a stranger 24 percent of the time. They go kayaking and biking; they go to the library and do volunteer work at the local food bank. Most rapes are committed by someone a victim knows. Now, just going on a date is difficult. I have disabilities, not as bad as theirs. She talks about a time when she was 14 and "this older guy that knew us" forced her to have sex. It shows pictures and uses photographs. That came out of the eugenics movement, which put faith in IQ tests as proof of the genetic superiority of white, upper-class Americans. A student takes notes in Park's Relate class. They don't have a lot of money. They see their parents, siblings and their friends in relationships. But I think they like to take advantage, which is wrong. Because they didn't get the education to identify it. NPR is not using her name. Some people just don't understand what is acceptable and what's not. Like one small woman with short, choppy dark hair, streaked red. Figuring out what's a healthy relationship is difficult for any young person, and it can be even trickier if a person has an intellectual disability. There's a range of disability here. And then there's the one thing that really complicates romance for people with intellectual disabilities: When they were in school, most of the adults in this room say, they didn't get the sex ed classes other kids got. Lynne NPR has agreed to identify her by her middle name says this class has helped her realize she wants a real, romantic relationship and has taught her how to better find one. Intellectual Disability and Sexual Agency.

    Sex education mentally challenged

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