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    While this may imply that pleasure ought to be domesticated through integration into discussions of relationship, we merely mean to point out that most pleasure occurs in relation to another person whether in actuality or in fantasy, and to take it out of a relational context may support a more self-focused, neoliberal project of self-management Rose In fact, in almost all cases there was no sexual partner within these discussions, which made the sexual response or behaviour being described more applicable to a variety of relationships. These curricula may be countering the common cultural assumption that intercourse, especially unprotected intercourse, feels the best. In many of these instances, examples were used to help students prepare to deal with these situations. At the end of this process, we narrowed the categories down to three broad themes with sub-themes. Other curricula emphasised the pleasure of sex in reference to mutuality or female sexuality. In this manner, pleasure is again presented as uncontrollable and linked to potentially regrettable or unwanted sex. For example, PI uses the following language to describe sexual excitement for girls:

    Sex ist lustig

    In one study, when pleasure was used in a way to bolster talk about safety, teachers expressed feeling more comfortable Harrison, Hillier, and Walsh That was Brad, he really wants to vent. Instead, pleasure is presented as a problem in that it is an obstacle to restraint, abstinence, and health. RR presents students with a list of pleasurable activities and asks them to say whether the activities, including massages, fantasising, masturbation, mutual masturbation, and oral sex, are risky or not. Is there a clio award for that? These curricula may be countering the common cultural assumption that intercourse, especially unprotected intercourse, feels the best. This commercial is set up so that women are laughing at caricatured, sexist representations of other women. In this discourse, having a choice and being able to make a choice is the focus supporting, once again, a discourse of self-management of the neoliberal subject Bay-Cheng ; Lamb This discourse described arousal in a way that suggested that by providing such information, students would better understand how their bodies work. To analyse sex education curricula, we used a thematic analysis methodology described by Braun and Clarke conducive to the exploration of discourse. Name, abbreviation, and type of curricula utilised. Sometimes information about victimisation contains information about pleasure and sex in that pleasure is introduced as an impetus for date rape in several vignettes. The restriction regarding teaching about contraception derives from the belief that teaching about a subject leads to experimentation with that subject. This brings a whole new meaning to objectifying. Using a condom can become part of the touching and stroking that happens prior to intercourse Moreover, in some sense the argument that sex is overwhelming and uncontrollable implies a biological, even animal model of sex, which is problematic. Surprisingly, this was not a tack taken by the majority of CSE curricula which included very few messages about mutual pleasure. In this way, the pleasure of sex is matched with the pleasure of taking care of the other person. This next one not only manages to sexist but also racist at the same time. Pleasure and pressure Another very common use of desire and pleasure appeared when curricula presented examples or vignettes of one person pressuring another to have sexual intercourse. These vignettes possibly suggest the problematic idea that pleasure is no indication that someone is safe and that pleasure is linked to female S. However, in this context, pleasure is not typically discussed in a way that is meant to enhance self-knowledge, fun, getting to know someone else, or developing sexual subjectivity. We decided to examine three types of curricula: The current study examined curricula from the last decade to explore how talk of pleasure was integrated into curricula and in what context it arose. OWL Goldfarb and Casparian , 91 — 2 asks students to think up a safe sex fantasy: The inclusion of pleasure in sex education curricula could improve education for both girls and boys.

    Sex ist lustig

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      Problematic pleasure Talk of pleasure was also included in discussions of risk, self-control, regrettable sex, and peer pressure. The message that sex should be pleasurable may be important to combat victimisation.

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