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    Because these types of interests, urges, arousal, or even preferences can be so strong, it is believed that they are a significant driving force behind the initial onset of sexually abusive behaviors for some sex offenders. Help your child choose two trusted adults, one at home and one at school, to whom they can tell anything. However, do not allow that limited stereotype to identify those in our community who may be a danger to our children. Offenders are not strangers: Researchers have invested a great deal of effort in exploring these issues so that we may begin to understand or explain why some individuals engage in sexually abusive behaviors, and so that we are better able to make decisions about the kinds of interventions that may be most effective for certain aspects of this population.

    Sex offenders share characteristics

    Do females ever molest children? We all know that many people in the general public have difficulties managing certain emotions at times, and many of us can and do act in impulsive ways occasionally. We must be vigilant in protecting our children from interacting with strangers. Unfortunately, many Christians still believe that they can spot a child molester simply by appearance. Which age group is most often targeted by child molesters? This speaks to the importance of safe after-school care and close supervision of multi-age groups of youngsters. Do you believe that sex offenders are more similar to other community members than they are different? Danger — photo courtesy of Sweetsop via flickr Offenders can be the most unsuspected people: Wouldn't a vigilant parent be able to detect a child molester, just by their actions? Be careful because at some point you will get caught! Share via Email Scientists have found that the brothers of men convicted of sex crimes are five times more likely to commit a sexual assault than the average man. How do child molesters gain access to their victims? Additionally, researchers have found that deviant arousal, interests, or preferences are linked to recidivism. Which is another way of saying: Despite law enforcement's best efforts, it is next to impossible to get child pornography images out of circulation on the web. As you have likely experienced in your work, there is no usual age that represents the sex offender—some are young, some are middle—aged, and some are more elderly. Children need to learn that no one has the right to touch, look at or photograph the private parts of their body, nor ask them to look at or touch the private parts of another. Youth who have shared too much personal information or agreed to in-person meetings without adult supervision have been robbed, assaulted and sexually abused. Inequality is generally talked about in terms of money. At the same time, these same professionals may be equally challenged with respect to how to best tailor strategies and interventions for those offenders whose level of intellectual functioning falls well below the average. Program evaluations document that children are more willing to tell about grooming behaviors, attempted abuse and sexual abuse after learning either or both curricula in school. Based upon objective statistics, the offender is likely lying, which means they are continuing to deceive in order to reestablish trust and access of our children. Offering to coach children's sports. And we know that there are many people who have been subjected to physical, sexual, or emotional abuse during their childhood or adolescence, yet they never go on to commit sex offenses. Nor can any generalizations be made about where they are most apt to fall along the socioeconomic spectrum or social achievement spectrum. When I was a prosecutor, I illustrated this point by asking prospective jurors, Can you tell me what a burglar looks like? Nor does it mean that these kinds of variables cause people to commit sex offenses.

    Sex offenders share characteristics

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    Two child sex offenders explain how they picked their targets

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      This is different from other types of crime, in which socioeconomic status or level of social achievement seems to be a risk factor.

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      Assure children of their own rights, that they are the boss of their own body, and they get to choose whether or not anyone can hug, kiss or touch them. Those who conducted the study speak instead of targeted psychological support for men at risk of sex offending.

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      But because these characteristics have been found in samples of sex offenders, experts believe that they may somehow be related to why individuals begin engaging in sexually abusive behavior, particularly when these factors interact with other variables and circumstances. But none of this helps people to take personal responsibility in their own lives.

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      While some sexual abuse is purely opportunistic, most children are groomed and lured into situations where they are vulnerable to abuse. Respect children's privacy and personal space, and teach them to respect the privacy and personal space of others.

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