• Sex on basketball court


    Celine is currently at her house, staring outside the window. It's Natalie's turn now. Celine then takes a long black fabric, which is long enough to tie Natalie's hands. Celine then moves down to her clothed breast and she takes off Natalie's white sports bra, revealing a beautiful twin mountain. And Natalie's words has come to a reality.

    Sex on basketball court

    She was shooting hoops all by herself and invited me to join her and just a couple of minutes later, she was flashing me her pussy, titties and ass right there in the middle of the court! She sucks and kisses her neck until she finds the sweet spot. The rule is, you can't touch me, but i will seduce you to make you wet. Celine then moves down from her stomach to her clothed forbidden area. She massaged them with her soft hands, licking, kissing and sucking them too. Natalie bites her lower lip, trying not to let out a moan. I bet it's your last layer of top as well. After munching on that pussy and ass, I flipped this tiny bitch over, spreading her legs wide open and finger fucking her. She slobbered all over my member and I could feel her warm drool dripping down my balls. Natalie is most likely to lose, because she has reached her last layer of top and second last layer of bottom. That's enough with the story intro. Right now, Celine is in an advantage thanks to her purple cycling shorts. But, Natalie recovers from the fall and blocks Celine's attempt. Blue Nike tee, the Cavs jersey, White sports bra. Celine is currently at her house, staring outside the window. I pounded her dripping wet muff, feeling all that hot cum boiling up in my balls and ready to explode and give it all to her! She makes no mistakes this time, executing a jump shoot from inside the square, puts the ball to the ring. Celine then takes a long black fabric, which is long enough to tie Natalie's hands. She is currently thinking "Who is going to be my sparring partner today? It's a fight to the win. She has a girlfriend named Natalie Sanders which also a basketball fan too. Celine then lays up and puts the ball into the ring. I spread her ass cheeks wide open and proceeded to lick, kiss and suck her tender pink pussy burger and her deliciously tight asshole while she squirmed like a little bitch in heat. It all happened so fast. Natalie then takes off her blue Nike long training pants, revealing her red hot pants. Her breathing became heavier as her body was soon wracked with her orgasm. Natalie then starts to tear up because of the pain she gets from biting her lower lip too hard.

    Sex on basketball court

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    Gay Sex on Basketball Court.

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