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    The formation of ova or eggs in the ovary, and the discharge of the same. In babies or adults with a compromised immune system, it can cause symptoms including pneumonia, seizures, etc. Douche A spray of water, medication, or cleanser, which goes into the vagina. To make an appeal to God in an irreverant manner; to use the name of God or sacred things profanely; to call upon God in imprecation; to curse. The diaphragm t covers the cervix to prevent pregnancy. Cremaster reflex The automatic response of the cremaster muscle, which elevates the testicles when exposed to cold or stimulation. Contraceptive creams and jellies Substances containing spermicide, which block sperm and prevent it from joining with an egg. Dry days Days during the menstrual cycle when little cervical mucus is produced. Combined oral contraceptives Birth control pills that contain 2 hormones:

    Sex terminology milkshake

    Contraceptive creams and jellies Substances containing spermicide, which block sperm and prevent it from joining with an egg. Cremaster reflex The automatic response of the cremaster muscle, which elevates the testicles when exposed to cold or stimulation. The catamenial or menstrual discharge, a periodic flow of blood or bloody fluid from the uterus or female generative organs. Also called "alternative insemination. Of or pertaining to the vagina of the genital canal; as, the vaginal artery. To deprive of the contents; to exhaust; to make void or destitute; to make vacant; to pour out; to discharge; as, to empty a vessel; to empty a well or a cistern. A kind of song of a lively character, frequently embodying a satire on some person or event, sung to a familiar air in couplets with a refrain; a street song; a topical song. A discharge of a white, yellowish, or greenish, viscid mucus, resulting from inflammation or irritation of the membrane lining the genital organs of the female; the whites. The coming together of a male and female in sexual commerce; the act of coition. Mostly made from latex or plastics like polyurethane and polyisoprene. Corpus luteum A mass of cells that temporarily form on an ovary and produce progesterone following the release of an egg each month. Of or pertaining to venery, or sexual love; relating to sexual intercourse. Drag Exaggerated cross-dressing for entertainment. Corpus cavernosa Two strips of erectile tissue in the glans, shaft, and crura of the clitoris and along the sides of the penis that extend back into the pelvic floor. Cum Slang for "ejaculate," the sperm-containing fluid that comes out of the penis usually during an orgasm. Combined hormone contraceptives Birth control methods — the pill, the patch, the ring — that contain 2 hormones: That form of alternate generation in which two kinds of sexual generation, or a sexual and a parthenogenetic generation, alternate; -- in distinction from metagenesis, where sexual and asexual generations alternate. MPA stands for the hormone medroxyprogesterone acetate. The D stands for depot, the solution in which the hormone is suspended. Cybersex Sexual encounters that take place online, using video cams, e-mail, or instant messaging. A discharge of vaginal gas; a vart. How to Increase your Wealth Anyone who is interested in earning extra cash should consider following and applying the money making ideas. Dmpa A type of the hormone progestin, which is in Depo-Provera the birth control shot. Copulation Another way of saying vaginal sex, or sometimes sexual activity in general. Crura Internal extensions of the corpus cavernosa of the clitoris and penis that attach to the pubic bone. A sexual double standard, for example, usually places more restrictions on women than on men. Pre-ejaculate also reduces friction in the urethra, making it easier for semen to pass through.

    Sex terminology milkshake

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      Dilators A series of increasingly thick rods made of plastic, metal, or natural fiber that are used to stretch open the cervix.

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      Used with spermicide, the diaphragm is a reversible barrier method of birth control available only by prescription.

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      Down syndrome A range of conditions caused by a fetus having an extra copy of chromosome 21 trisomy

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