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    And doesn't all the universe include your sexuality? These transcendental sexual experiences produce a sense of merging with the source of energy and losing physical boundaries during orgasm. Infinite possibilities and profound integration What are the actual experiences available out of diving into intimacy? Crying as new doors open to deeper levels of intimacy. Do they see the whole universe in each other's eyes? The fact is we do not have any idea just how deep and all encompassing sex can be because we are stuck with a model of sex that I call, "The Performance Model:

    Sex with spiritual beings

    What, then, is "spiritual sex"? It is a movement from everyday limited levels of consciousness into an expansion of your energetic aliveness. Then, in another moment, when you are softly touching and looking into one another's eyes, you have included your human, animal passion rather than trying to bypass it. But isn't enlightenment the realization that all the universe is contained within the infinite depths of your heart? The reward for your risks is a surprise that can delight you and relight your love. In this receptive state, love happens. As you fully embrace your animal nature, a profound integration of Heaven and Earth emerges. Do they see the whole universe in each other's eyes? Diving into each other's eyes. The underlying and usually unquestioned assumption is that sexual denial eventually leads to enlightenment. Developing conscious rituals and techniques allow you to become more open to such transcendent experiences. You can become the most beautiful or handsome person in the history of humankind, or a Greek God or Goddess, or the two of you can be more in love than any couple has ever been. Why would you ever want to see them as opposing forces rather than as partners? So imagine living in a culture where sex was sacred and not a sin and sexuality was seen as a positive expression of the life force. By allowing the energy to freely dance between talking, emotional vulnerability, soft, cool sex, and hot, passionate sex. Between one quarter and one half of long term relationships are beset with low desire and it is common for spouses to find other sexual outlets. We cannot mandate thrilling, connected sexual encounters and just because one is married and "should" be having lots of fulfilling sex, doesn't make it so. It's a recipe for disaster which the invention of Viagra has not averted. They are boundless and infinite. The teachings of ancient sacred sexuality traditions are a veritable garden of suggestions that I will be offering in this blog which I plan to use as a way to inspire you to practice a deeper connection with sexuality. As your hearts and your sex soar together, you free yourself to celebrate in Heavenly bliss while still in your body. By being curious and discovering what you want to explore next. The result is greater partner connection, reinforcing commitment in a long-term relationship through loving communion, enhancing the bond. What if you are here on earth not to transcend your humanness, but to revere yourself exactly as you are right now? When spiritual sex is consciously practiced, there is a quality of "mindfulness," which is heightened awareness and expanded consciousness.

    Sex with spiritual beings

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      We have psychic experiences which indicate that we are attuned to one another in the natural way that all of us are meant to be. Through our respect for each other, we feel a sense of reverence and awe for all human beings as gods and goddesses.

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      Or it starts a fight with your lover when the possibility for a new level of sexual intimacy is available. As you celebrate the gift of your sexuality's unique expression, you discover that you do not have to wait until you die in order to be liberated.

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      With this additional incentive, what are some ways that can you take yourself deeper into love and into sex?

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