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    I really wanted something that captured the raw, passionate side of our relationship. My husband disagreed and always told me how beautiful I was. They are raw and real. My boyfriend and photographer Jasemine's team made me feel so much more confident and comfortable from the music playing to cracking jokes. Getting the photos back made me even happier.

    Sexy photos couples

    I really wanted something that captured the raw, passionate side of our relationship. Brittany let us do the shoot in Alex's home, which helped to ease the nerves. Cindy took those pictures and made me see myself as my husband always saw me, so I asked my husband to do a couples shoot with me. We wanted to make a photo memory to commemorate our first home together in a more private and intimate setting. She is very shy and was nervous, but our photographer Ashley really helped her warm up and just be as natural as possible. We asked real couples who have stripped down for a boudoir shoot together to give us an inside look at what the experience was like. I, of course, had no misgivings about it. I had seen plenty of boudoir featuring heterosexual couples, but rarely saw images of two men in love. We smoked some weed legal in our state to get comfortable. I always like capturing moments like these and looking back at them. However, it seemed like the perfect time because we were very much still obsessed with that new love. A lot of the photos were taken when we had no idea and they really showed the way that we looked at each other. Niels was a lot more comfortable doing it than I was. They are raw and real. You see yourself through your partner's eyes and that is a gift that is unimaginable. Nonetheless we were both actually kind of nervous, even though there was nothing to be nervous about. These intimate photo sessions range from slightly steamy to straight-up seductive, and may include some sexy attire, just underwear or no clothing at all. He loves me the way I am and he would love me if I was ten sizes either direction. It was my first ever photo shoot so the days leading up to it, I was a little nervous. It was so much fun -- Amy is an amazing photographer and also just an all-around awesome person! It was a fun experience for sure. He was in the Marines and living across the country and just moved home in July. Also, something to look back on when we're old and gray! After the clothes came off and the weed kicked in, we got used to it. It ended up being more like a date for Zach and me. Oh my God, it was definitely an amazing experience. As for our relationship, it was a very intimate and great bonding experience.

    Sexy photos couples

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