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    If given the choice between thirty minutes a week of shallow, draining sexual activity, and five hours of energizing, deeply connected, emotionally invigorating sexual play, I believe that the vast majority of people men and women would choose the latter, every single time. So what does this mean in practical, actionable terms? Lightly stroke her hair. But it wasn't just gender that played a part in a desire for this speedier carnality. There is no before, during and after, there is just the moment-to-moment honouring of your body and the body of your partner as beautiful, loveable, and sacred. Slow sex is supposed to be sloooowwwwww.

    Slow and sex

    They were asked 38 questions describing their individual arousal patterns, including their preferred sexual pace. Often, they say that they had been under the false impression that they must do a lot in order to satisfy their woman, only to find that by doing almost nothing, they accomplish almost everything. What about if it was lust? During Your Sexual Play Foreplay is great, and taking it slowly definitely sets the stage for some luscious, nourishing, heart-exploding sexual play. Love is the always the answer. What else have you tried to spice up your sex life? It all depends on the individual and her preferences. Foreplay Slow sex starts in foreplay, because foreplay sets the tone of how the overall sexual sessions is going to go. Most loving men have a strong desire to please their woman. Most people desire a combination of fast and intense along with slow and relaxed. The only thing I have to say is — are you sure? But most of us want to have sex with our partner as a mean to connect. Maybe you want to have a bath together, or start with some light massage. It is your responsibility if you care for yourself and for your relationship. When you practice slow sex, both you and your partner are focusing on the sensations everywhere around your body. The most daring discussion that I had so far with a man that is not my partner… I will be sharing his views, experiences and insights with you next week. Remember… There is no one-size-fits-all linear progression when it comes to sex. I spent years studying Taoist sexual philosophy, and one of my absolute favourite concepts that came from them is the idea that women and men cultivate sexual energy differently. And not just to "slow down. If you are a male and female partnership, maybe the male partner had one orgasm and his partner had a dozen and the male partner has ample energy to give his partner a massage as she drifts in and out of sleep. Allow your fingers to take their time finding their way into her wetness. Your partner might not realize that the things he used to do in some situations are not as enjoyable on other occasions. But the main reason it is boring is because we allowed our mind to take over and be agitated. This is the biggest misconception. In the end they blamed the other for not being their ideal sexual match, and eventually just quit having sex. With slow sex, the excitement is usually toned down enough so that your man will be able to keep on going for a very long time without needing to focus on not orgasming.

    Slow and sex

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      Touch, feel, communicate, taste, and play. Run your fingers along her back, spine, and thighs in slow, lingering, circular motions to wake up her senses.

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      To put it in another context, would you rather eat fast food three times a week and feel drained, grumpy, and tired afterwards, or sample gourmet, three Michelin star chef prepared food for ten hours a week and feel miraculously recharged like you could run a marathon at the end of each extended meal?

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