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    Eschew - On an alternate Earth where women are completely subservient to men and to older women, high school health class is a lot more interesting. MF, rom, ball bust, pain Ball Games - by Miss Judy - I found out about a society dedicated to "ball" games, this is a form of severe ball torture. It was always crowded from noon until 6 at night, because, after dark, nobody wanted to be in the neighborhood. Whoring out follows in story of postmodern slavery. Mike tried to break it up but was beaten up by his wife's lover, stripped naked and forced to masturbate in front of the girls of the self-defense class.

    Story sex young m g nc

    FF, nc, bd, sm, tor, ws Bobby's Transformation - by Bobby - A reluctant Bobby learns the satisfaction of forced gay sex. He finds himself at the mercy of three sex starved female pedophile inmates whose wildest fantasies have just been realized. Of course, the best way to recover from that experience like that is to make love to your daughter to show her how a real man should treat a woman. Really and truly I do! After he gets her pregnant, he also convinces her to let him rape her 10 year old sister. The board game, I mean. She curled up into a ball while she cleared her lungs and then carefully wiped the sand off her face before opening her eyes. Then once I got out, Becky and I got our revenge on her father for sending me there. Everyone gets in on the action. MMF, teens, nc, rp, intr Comeuppance - by Luthor - This is a bubbly little tale of rape, murder, perversion and revenge. Until, finally, she was talked into being part of a bondage foursome with their friends, Bruce and Susan. The Reckoning - by Vengeance - Castrated men get a fitting revenge on the women who did it to them. Mm-teen, ped, 1st, mast, oral, anal New Years Eve - by Durango Dan - Two pre-teen brothers discover the joys of masturbation, but when they are left along on New Years Eve, they find out that their sister can give even more pleasure. Somewhere along the way from loosing her cherry to her first tour of duty, she stops having periods for a round reason. He's reluctant until Kelli shows her need for his attentions. With no holds barred, a white woman's worst nightmare is just about to come true. Romance followed and her virginity was left in a hotel bed in Paris. And yet it seemed as though they were. The evening was not going well and Cheryl knew it. He turns her mother mentally unstable and is waiting for her to turn sixteen before going after her. Then one day his sister moves in to "help" out and eventually becomes his lover. It gives women a chance to take it out on men. Six years on we still have 'fun' together regularly. MF, nc, rp, v Danger Zone - by Eagle1 - The A group of soldiers use a bar whore any-which-way, because they know no one is going to stop them. It is about a high school rebel.

    Story sex young m g nc

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