• Vaginal sex with metal pipe


    Doctors prescribed it to some pregnant women between and External radiotherapy With external radiotherapy, high-energy x-rays are directed from a machine to the area of the cancer. They can also prescribe painkillers, if needed. This is called secondary or metastatic cancer. Try to balance this with some physical activity, such as regular short walks. Cancer of the vagina is not infectious and can't be passed on to other people. A cancer doctor who is an expert in treating cancer with radiotherapy a clinical oncologist will plan your treatment.

    Vaginal sex with metal pipe

    This means the doctor or specialist nurse can see the vagina in more detail. During treatment, you may have some of the side effects explained here. It starts in glandular cells. Or, the cancer is in the vagina. The nurses will make sure you have regular pain killers. There are more side effects with chemoradiation so you have to be well enough to cope with this treatment. A mildly radioactive substance is injected into a vein, usually in your arm. Your radiographer or nurse will check your skin regularly. It prevents pregnancy by thickening cervical mucus and thinning the lining of the uterus. Some options such as hormonal injections and vaginal rings will last for up to a few months. If the cervix is affected, doctors call it cervical intra-epithelial neoplasia CIN. Or sometimes, new side effects develop months or years after radiotherapy. This includes the stage of the cancer, where it is in the vagina and your general health. A female hysterectomy surgically removing the uterus prevents pregnancy, as well. You can have a nurse with you during your examination. You can usually have hormonal replacement therapy HRT to replace the hormones your ovaries are no longer producing. You can hear, and speak to, the person operating the scanner. Back to contents Causes and risk factors of vaginal cancer The exact cause of vaginal cancers is unknown, but research into this is ongoing. Staging and grading of vaginal cancer Staging The stage of a cancer describes how far it has grown from where it started and if it has spread. They are usually slow-growing and less likely to spread. There are two types of birth control pills: It can also make it easier to have internal examinations. Your doctor or nurse will give you advice about your recovery. It is done with a colposcope, which is a type of microscope with a light. They press on your lower tummy area pelvis at the same time to feel for anything unusual in that area. These include female tubal ligation some people refer to this as having their tubes tied. This can be difficult to cope with and some women may need counselling.

    Vaginal sex with metal pipe

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      This helps prevent complications such as a blood clot or chest infection. A female hysterectomy surgically removing the uterus prevents pregnancy, as well.

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      The checklist asks about any metal implants you may have, such as a pacemaker, surgical clips or bone pins, etc.

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      If you are having problems, ask your nurse or radiographer for advice. This is called pelvic exenteration.

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      If you are a younger woman, preserving your fertility may be a factor in treatment decisions. Tell them if your skin is sore or you notice any other changes.

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