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    People are gunned down in virtually every scene, with blood and matter spraying from their wounds. The most fun I've had at a movie in a very long time. A sequel to the silly, overblown but goofily enjoyable original tale of a hitman compelled to keep himself alive by constant jolts of adrenaline, the film announces its intentions from its opening moment, as our antihero, who has apparently died, is shovelled off the sidewalk and fitted with an artificial heart by a group of unscrupulous Chinese gangsters. Like a "pwn u. I don't think I've enjoyed a movie like this in ages. Shawn on Apr 20, 42 great movie,intense and way better than the first one. I loved the "Fuck you Chev Chelios" song! He is the epitome of the true action hero, who stops at nothing to attain his goal.

    Watch crank 2 sex scene

    An hour and a half of thrill rides. Having air filtered though it? He mistakenly called Amy's character 'Amy' in the street scene. Well I agree, Fuck me for downloading that garbage What was the most difficult scene for you to do? Everything is wrong, and everything pushes buttons. Or the warning for continous blood and violence throughout? His heart is removed and for some reason replaced with a battery-powered artificial one. Although, predictably, a hardcore fan base has congregated to defend the film in excitable terms , its poor showing at the US box office speaks volumes, with the potential audience perhaps sickened by the film's extreme misogyny and racism. What the fuck man? Everything is bigger, stranger, and more over the top. Get latest news, interviews and horoscopes delivered directly to your Messenger! This goes up there with Cabin Boy as one of my all-time favorites! He then spends the rest of the film attempting to retrieve his real heart. You play a pole dancer in Crank 2. It was so stupid, I was laughing at it. Danny Leigh's article about the new Seth Rogen film, Observe and Report, made many salient arguments about the picture. Aside from that, like I said, I fucking loved it. Instead of a five-minute reel of actors flubbing their lines, Crank: This film is not recommended due to its bloody violence, extreme vulgarity and graphic sexual content. No apologies, no regrets. Can you twitter the Wolverine movie while you watch that too and let us know how it is? Amy Smart in pink hot pants is always a winner. The shopping-mall flasher whose actions become the catalyst of Observe and Report is an apt metaphor for these would-be titans of comedy: High Voltage or Crank 2: We even get an entire gang of very out gay action heroes.

    Watch crank 2 sex scene

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      Though it is clear by this point that neither Mark Neveldine nor Brian Taylor is a very deep filmmaker, their understanding of how to play on the human psyche is undeniable. In my opinion, better than the first and hopefully a third will be made.

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